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John G. Baker, P.E.
Director of Operations

   Since the mid 80's, John has worked on manufacturing automation projects involving computer control and data acquisition. He has project engineering and system integration experience with custom hardware and software for major industrial applications in aerospace, automotive and semiconductor segments as well as applications in process control and discrete manufacturing

His hardware experience includes Intel and UNIX workstations, client-server systems, local area networks, operator interfaces, control panels, programmable controllers, and servo motion controllers. He worked extensively with USDATA FactoryLink (releases 2 through 7) software running on DOS, OS/2, Windows, and UNIX operating systems.

He has programming experience with a variety of software languages including C, Visual Basic, UNIX scripts and SQL script; and with a wide range of databases including dBase, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

John is a registered Professional Engineer with an MSES from the University of Texas at Dallas, MSEM studies from the University of Tennessee, and a BSEE from the University of Houston.


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