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We specialize in high-speed, unique and demanding applications ranging from the machine to the entire plant floor.  Whether it involves material handling, process control or multi-axis motion - we've done it.  Large or Small.  Local or International.  Despite all that diversity, there are common elements: superior-craftsmanship, detailed documentation, superior communication and great project management.


We've done Plant or Industrial Information systems since they first appeared -yeah, all the way back to RS-232 and RS-485.  Now, we use wireless Ethernet, fiber and satellite communication networks.  The network may be the computer - but, all the Data available does not matter until we transform it into Information.

Applied R&D

Gee Whiz type stuff.  Proprietary Processes.  Lighting-fast cycle times.  High-volume data flows.  Strange operating environments.  Small size restrictions.  Whatever.


Books, articles, reports, and whitepapers.

Full list of reports and articles


With this many years in the industry, we've been asked to do many things - some of them more than once.  You just might need some of these services...
  • Project Management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Training (we even have courseware)
  • Forensics
  • Documentation
  • Consulting
  • Strategic Planning

About Keeva, LC

Keeva, LC is comprised of professional engineers and programmers dedicated to automation control development using the latest in software and hardware technology. Our mission is to provide engineering, consulting and business services to end users, system integrators and suppliers of industrial automation products.

Our principal members had the good fortune of having worked with the best craftsmen in the industry throughout the years and the considerable experience of its staff members. We have associates in every major discipline used on the factory floor today. We can assist in simulations, data modeling, precision machine design, vision, applied research and database applications. The experience of our associates spans almost every industry segment.

Keeva is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Services are provided world-wide.

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